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The Cardknox app enables you to accept customer payments on your Android or iOS smartphone device. You can also process refunds and voids.


The Charge/Refund screen is the first screen displayed after you log in:


Charges and Refunds


Type in the amount in the center of the screen.


Note: If you prefer, you can start the refund on the Transaction Details screen, which auto-fills many fields for you.

  1. If you are on the Transaction Details screen, tap the small Cardknox icon at the top center:

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  2. Type in the amount in the center of the screen.

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  3. Tap the Charge or Refund button.

  4. Fill in the remaining fields that are displayed.
    Tip: Required fields are noted on the screen:

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    - If you need to change the amount, tap Back in the upper left corner to return to the previous screen.
    - Tap Clear all to remove information from all of the fields.

  5. Tap the Process Transaction button.


To filter the transactions list:1.

  1. Tap the filter icon in the upper right corner:


Tap to apply filter criteria to the transactions list2.

  1. Choose which type(s) of filter to apply:


  • Amount - Tap and type in the amount.

  • Card number – Tap and type in the last four digits of the card.

  • Cardholder name – Tap and type in a name.

  • Transaction type – Tap once to open a list of transaction types. Tap to select one or more of the following types:

    • Sale

    • Auth

    • Capture

    • Credit

    • Refund


  1. Tap Done (upper left corner) to view the filtered list.

Remove Filters

Above the transactions list, the mobile app displays any filters that have been applied: